Introducing Dove Finance: A decentralized reserve currency built on Cronos

Dove Finance is the first decentralized reserve protocol on Cronos. Each $DOVE token is backed by a basket of assets (e.g. USDC ) in the Dove treasury, giving it an intrinsic value that it cannot fall below. Dove also introduces economic and game-theoretic dynamics into the market through staking and bonding.


Dove isn’t just another OHM Fork. Our vision is to build a long-lasting and community oriented decentralized reserve backed by multiple Stablecoins and promising Projects. We will be holding Governance votes to choose the next assets for our Treasury. There are a lot of items planned after our launch, and we will be working hard to stabilize the protocol. Stay tuned.


Transparency is absolutely necessary for a long-term project. The Liquidity Pool will be locked and the Founder of Dove Finance will be KYC’ed through a third party. These are important steps to ensure that our investors’ funds remain safe. Plans are being made to secure an audit of our contracts. We have forked the OlympusDAO protocol, and we feel confident in their contracts after their numerous audits. While this will get us through the launch and on our way, we believe the audit will bring in further investors after the launch, ones who are waiting to see proof of success. For members’ peace of mind before the launch, we will release our contracts for community review. Other OlympusDAO forks have not done this, usually the ones that “rugpull” their investors. This team will continue to provide value for the community long after the launch and well into the DAO governance and marketing stages.

Initial Assets in The Treasury

To ensure Dove’s long-term success, we will begin building up a healthy and sustainable treasury that is well-immersed in the Cronos ecosystem, the following initial treasury structure and design is proposed:

1 Stablecoin

  • USDC

1 Liquidity pair


Dove is already exploring the inclusion of more yield generating assets such as CRO Coin together with decisions made by the DAO community after the protocol is successfully stabilized.


One of the fundamental beliefs and values we share with Olympus is the power of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). To build a truly robust decentralized, reserve currency that operates fairly, transparently, and objectively on a long-term basis, we believe that DAO is the only way forward. While we work hard on building and delivering underlying technology, Dove aims to be the currency of the people, which is precisely what a DAO governance enables. It is therefore in our interest to shift to a DAO governance as soon as possible.

Dove will be at the heart of the protocol and inherently define, shape and control its future. DOVE owners will put forward propositions and collectively vote and decide which will be accepted and which will not.


Incentivizing the community contributors, founders, and developers is a crucial part of any project. Dove is born from the community! We would love to do a fair launch.

Building & growing an ecosystem is costly. To address this issue, we will create pDOVE as a Team and DAO incentive to ensure the protocol can continue to grow and innovate.

pDOVE is a precursor derivative of DOVE; it gives the holder the option to mint DOVE by burning pDOVE and providing the intrinsic value of DOVE. For example, the DAO would provide 1 USDC and 1 pDOVE to mint 1 DOVE.

This is similar to an option. pDOVE is worth the price of DOVE minus intrinsic value, and it only makes sense to redeem it when DOVE is above intrinsic value. This ensures that our incentives are aligned to keep the premium alive.

pDOVE is also vested based on supply. As DOVE supply grows, more pDOVE become available to redeem. So we don’t get an upfront payoff or an arbitrary date at which tokens have vested. We need supply to grow, too.

This creates the most optimal incentive alignment you could ask for. Tokens vest along with supply, and are only redeemed when we trade with a positive extrinsic value. We the team don’t only want supply to increase, or price to go up, we want both. And so do you.

pDOVE Distribution Breakdown:

  • DAO: 35M and no supply cap
  • TEAM: 15M and 5% supply cap

Launch & IDO

The excitement and anticipation from the community has been enormous — and we love that. Our vision is to make this experience as immersive for our community members as possible, while ensuring the process is fair and inclusive.

Details of the launch are as follows.

Initial Discord Offering

  • Launch Date: Soon
  • Target: 1,000,000 USDC
  • Price: 100 USDC per DOVE
  • Allocation: 10,000 DOVE
  • Limit per Wallet: 1000 USDC (10 DOVE)

Public Launch

  • Launch Date: TBA
  • The liquidity pool will open at 150 USDC per DOVE with 750,000 USDC liquidity

Each participant can only buy their pro rata share of the offering. When you buy, you are removed from the whitelist; so, if some people buy less than their share, everyone who has not yet bought will get a higher allocation. We will announce the minimum when submissions have been tallied.

How do I get access to the IDO?

  • The first 100 Discord Boosters will receive access to the IDO. (Finished)
  • 300 people will get access to the whitelist by inviting people to our Discord. (Finished)
    All the invites have to be real people, multi accounts and bots will be filtered out, and the person will be blacklisted from our IDO.
  • 600 people will get access to the whitelist by posting participating in our contests, memes, being active in chat and Twitter. People which like to represent Dove and love to spread our name. Real Dovies. (Open)

To stay up-to-date, follow us on Twitter and join the community on Discord.

A decentralized reserve currency built on Cronos.

A decentralized reserve currency built on Cronos.